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What would indicate my furniture needs refinishing?

Heat or moisture marks leaving a white ring or haziness, where remedies no longer have an effect. Furniture that feels sticky, tacky, or scrapes of easily is an indicator the finish has broken down and should be refinished. Furniture that is well utilized such as table tops and wooden chairs are prone to deterioration faster due to wear and tear through years of wiping, polishing, constant handling and body perspiration. Other signs indicating a finish is breaking down is a dried out look similar to weathering, it’s called an alligator look, deep separated crevices in the surface exposing wood in between the cracks. Heritage No Dip offers in home estimates by our refinishing professionals who can diagnose your furniture problem and make recommendations. Refinishing offers the benefit of restoring your furniture, or the opportunity to give an old piece a trendy new look, or an enhanced new colour.

What benefits are there to in home estimates for furniture refinishing?

Estimates done in home allows for a furniture refinishing professional to get an overall view of your furniture needs and allows them the opportunity to answer your questions. In home estimates allows you to express concerns, inquire about new and updated finishes, ask for recommendations based on your homes overall décor look. An estimate done in home also allows for confident decision making regarding refinishing expectations, pricing confirmation, completion dates, and finishing guarantees. Estimates allow you to compare shop with in depth information from various companies hence not obligating you to make any rash decisions till you have all the information you need, as well as make a wise investment in furniture refinishing that will pay off for years to come.

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