Retired September 2019

Retiring to one little refinishing job at a time:

Heritage No-Dip®

Heritage No-Dip® is a company that is known for doing it right. We are true professionals and pride ourselves with our craftsmanship, and the quality of our work. Heritage No-Dip® is a well recognized and respected name in the furniture refinishing business with 38 years of experience. All of our work is done on site at our Burlington shop. We have affiliations with insurance companies, restorations companies, antique dealers, contractors, interior designers, upholsterers and a broad base of preferred loyal customers.

Wood Finishing Professionals
High Quality and Versatile Solutions

Heritage No-Dip addresses your furniture refinishing needs from start to finish. Our experienced staff is involved with our extraordinary flow over stripping process that is safe even for the most delicate of pieces. Our versatility in finishing options is endless, whether it’s an older piece or a new piece of furniture. We use the highest quality finishing products starting from our wood penetrating stains to our lacquer finishes. These are available in matte to high gloss sheens ensuring you a finish that is as top notch and as durable as any manufacture finish.


Heritage no dip® - Furniture Refinishing and Repairs - Let us strip for you.